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About Mishba Ajrakh Art

Luxurious Ajrakh Hand Block Printed Natural Dye Modal Silk Sarees , Can be Wear in Special Occasions and Party's

As we can see, our goal is to reach all corners of the world with the famous Ajrakh art of Kutch. We want to promote the true art hidden in Kutch as an assistant and we want to give Ajrakh art a good place in the world.

Ajrakh art


Ajrakh Art


Our dressing sense represents our personality. Every dress has a different charm, and it gives you vibes of various traditions and cultures. There are so many art forms which we can print on our clothes. Every form of art has its magic, like if we wear a saree, it gives felicitous vibes, or if we wear western outfits, it gives us a westerly vibe. So many art forms, used for printing in cloth Ajrakh art is one of them. So let’s talk about Ajrakh art.

What is Ajrakh Art?

Ajrakh, earlier named Azurakh, mainly origin from Sindh, Pakistan, is a form of block printing. In, this art artists use block printing with stamps for making designs and patterns. For many years Ajrakh remains the central part of Sindhi culture and also very popular in Pakistan. But after some time, Ajrakh also got famous in some areas of India like Rajasthan and Gujrat. The word Ajrakh originated from the “Persian language.” How man finds Ajrakh art, there is a story behind this. Several years ago, a human from Sindh found a tree that has cotton in it. So they started making the art of these cotton fabrics. That’s how human-created Ajrakh art. Ajrakh art is the pride of the Sindhi and people and has enormous respect for Ajrakh art. Over time Ajrakh becomes an integral part of the Sindh people’s life and women start wearing Ajrakh art stole, dupatta, saree and suit pieces.

What’s the meaning of Ajrakh?

According to some theories, it comes from the Arabic phrase Ajrakh, which means blue. The color, widely used in Ajrakh art, and some people say it is origin from two Hindi words, “aaj rakh.”This Hindi word is to keep it today.

How does the Ajrakh art look alike?

Ajrakh print has colors. Where the color blue defines earth, and the color red represents twilight. For outlines, they use monochrome colors. In Ajrakh, they use traditional things like flowers, leaves, stars etc.
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What is Ajrakh Print?

Ajrakh print the color of natural dyes. It is a block print art that takes a maximum of two weeks for prod, action. The blue and the red color mixture is used for flower and geometrical print. It takes a lot of time, patience and skills. It is very soft on the skin and is eye-catching. Ajrakh is a product where we use many natural things like sunlight, trees, and river. Although synthetic dyes take the place of natural dyes charm of Ajrakh remains the same. Women still wear kurta, stole, dupatta, suit pieces, etc.

How the Ajrakh print made?

The process of making Ajrakh art takes a lot of effort and patience.

-> Saaj

Firstly wash the fabric with water. It removes the starch of the fabric. Mix the fabric with soda ash and castor oil. Keep it overnight, and after that, keep it in sunlight in the morning. It becomes dry fabric. Mix it with a solution. This process is repeated a maximum of eight times and after when it turns into the foam form, wash it with water.

-> Casino

Washed the fabric with myrobalan, a nut from the tree, it’s used to dye the fabric. After that, dry the fabric under the sunlight. After that, if you find extra myrobalan in fabric, then brush it off from cloth.

-> Khariyanu

In this step, the resist of lime and gum, used for print in fabric. After that, both sides of the fabrics are colored by the resist.

-> Kat

For this step, mixed water of scrap iron and jaggery kept for twenty days. It becomes ferrous, and after that, add seed powder in this ferrous and boil it after it becomes a paste—the paste named as kat.

-> Gach

Clay, gum Arabic, and alum are mix together and form a resist used for making Ajrakh art. This form is commonly known as Gach.

-> Indigo dyeing

In the next step, we dyed the fabric into indigo and kept it in the sunlight. It was then dipped into indigo dying.

-> Vichcharnu

Wash the fabric and got a clean fabric.

-> Rang

In this step, the fabric goes boiled with alizarin. If you want to give different colors to the fabric, boil it with varying shades of dye.

Here is the Ajrakh art online shop?

The art- generated in Sindh, Pakistan, but it also became popular in India over time. Some part of India like Rajasthan and Gujarat is famous for Ajrakh art. Art is trendy in India now, and you can buy online Ajrakh saree, dupatta stole suit pieces in India. So if you want to shop traditionally in India, you can easily find these things online in India.

Where is Ajrakh art?

Ajrakh art is mainly the pride of the Sindh peoples. It presents Sindh culture. There are so many traditions connected with this art. Sindhi people see this art in a very respected way. All people who belong to Sindhi have worn Ajrakh art and respect it even though the prime minister of Pakistan wears Ajrakh art. Also, if you are an average person, you can wear an Ajrakh dupatta, suit piece, and stole.

How Ajrakh use in modern art?

It is very famous among block print lovers. In previous years the Ajrakh got famous and got fame. From local area to catwalk, it is around everywhere. Over time the demand for Ajrakh is increasing, and block print gets noticed by big brands. Now the investors are investing their money. New companies are inventing block printing. However, It is costly because of the use of natural dyes. But at today’s time, chemical dyes take place, and cheaper items more available in the market. So if you can, try Ajrakh saree or dupatta. You can buy them online as well.


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