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Ajrakh Sarees
Ajrakh sarees are one of the most famous types of clothing worn by people in India. It is basically originated from the khatris community in Gujarat, they used to weave it. Ajrakh sarees are block printed saree patterns printed on cotton and silk sarees. It’s designed in a very beautiful way in a small printed block with several colours, patterns, and much more. The best thing about these Ajrakh sarees are they made from natural ingredients like indigo, seeds, pomegranate bark, rose flavour and much more. It is the most innovative way to handicraft this print on a saree with different stages. If you want to remove starch from the Ajrakh sarees then camel dung is used in this. It is iconic. This saree is usually worn by people of Rajasthan and this Ajrakh print is one of the royal print and heritage vibes. There are a lot of stores available in the East- Northern region of India, where you can find these Ajrakh sarees.

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