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Ajrakh Stoles
Ajrakh Stoles are so trendy these days. It comes with different symmetrical and asymmetrical block prints. Most of the people style Ajrakh stoles with western or ethnic clothes. It adds spark and attraction to the outfit. Ajrakh stoles, made in different 16 steps like painting, washing, drying etc. then ingredients like herbs, vegetables, seeds are used for Ajrakh. Uniquely, artisans use rusted iron to make dye for Ajrakh stoles. In this making procedure, scrap iron, jaggery and tamarind, soaked in normal water for approximately two weeks and then heated to make the black dye. Mostly in summers, Ajrakh stoles are hand-printed with blocks and dyes which reflects the love, creativity and passion of the people of India. So you can get Ajrakh stoles for yourself and the girls around you.

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